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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


hello bloggay.
yeah im writing at my notepad. later, once my bb runs well, i'll post to beby pelangi.

not forget to mention,
tomorrow again like previous weekends, living with my own.
not to say isolated, but nahhhh maybe this is a way for me to be indipendant. subjective.

eh wait, my bb speed at least, better than just now. *cut and paste to beby pelangi

done pasted :)

so yeahhh i have not much words in mind to be honest.
but i'll tell u this,
i had my nerve stumbled upon one of my lecturer. DARN IT !
why she treats us like that? its so uncool and inhuman !
and why should us respect u in return huh? if u just can't deal to treat us?
i just hope i wont meet anyone who behave like u.
cause u know why? yr such a jerk ! *overthetop already

cut it off

i've been so damn busy lately.
i haven't much time left to go blogwalking, but sometimes i'll make myself time to do so.
of course not as much as when i'm really free.
in the middle of my stuck time, i'll try find ways to deal with it.
but this is one thing,
one thing that always left behind.

FASHION WORLD ! haha gotchaaa
don't get it? go figure at FB.
one of the best game i guess.

but also, i found my best sleep time in between, THOUGH IM BUSY !
had my sleeping beauty + sweetdream.
erhhh, i dreamed about my Cintashafiyana.
haven't heard? oh, one of my closest and bestest. can't tell you how close, how best.
but for sure, TOO MUCH !

okay, i am dying to catch some movies !
i had plan with nok.
but tell ya what? we've no transport. urghhhhh bad enough?
i am also dying to run karaoke ! like seriously.
ahhhh how life can feel so better if i'm at Setapak right now. so unfortune right?

but no worries, i've SEND-T0-ed some movies from Mummy's (friend of mine)
for exchange, i gave her my quiz paper.
haha thats what we call system barter, right?
pretty annoying

oh annnddd, i thought of buying supplements, tried.
but didn't catch my interest so far, NONE OF THEM.
i'll figure, later with mama :)

i have so much in my head. before
but which one go first?
then now i'm stuck, hence no which one already.
only a lame entry.

but afterward, i'll get some lil excitements :)
by watching A LOTTT movies that have been SEND-TO-ed to aza's pendrive.
left mine at Fairos, too bad !

btw, i was filled by Roti, Nasi Campur, Roti -again, Ayamas set b and now, i'm about to fill some more. LAKSA come *bakso in mind hahha

ahhh, cut the crap.

errr wait,

REGARDLESS. reflects me

au revoir, dadaaa

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