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salam, hello bloggay,

these days, i've been so very very very busy
here are the reasons why;

quizess, tests and assingments !
so many many of them.
like people buy items in bulk. phfttt

portfolio for law
case research for law
interview department for AOM
company's project for ETR~Mafim Fren's House, im the CEO -.-'
critical thinking assingments two for BEL~on should we get private healthcare's article

anddd, i can't remember more.
due to loaded memory. phfttt
one goes, more comes.
urghhh no time to FLIRT. bhahaha

so i would say, i am more like the president
have to manage so many things
i had my head which actually is getting ready to explode.
someday, who knows? *deep sigh

enough about study

like previous post
i still stuck myself with this puzzle
have to let or to hold
i tried being nice,
but again, something made me dissappointed AGAIN i repeat !
so yeahhh thinking about what my life will be alike,
i wonder..

but u know, i think i should stop now
world twirls and always be a good place for living
so why should i bother to even thinking for die?
yeahh, i suppose to say love is like die.
maybe i've fallacy-ed my statements.
weak analogy to be exact.
somehow, thats the way we excuse ourselves.
remain as an excuse. not to argue !
i'm not forgetting, but yes i'm forgiving.
cause thats just the way i am..
i nodded myself so to non-verbally agrees my heart that i'm forgiving
but i don't really open my heart to forget
as i can't see any possibilities that my heart can deny the extreme illness.

today, i start my day with the feeling of angry
and mayb today i end my day with the feeling of angry again
though in the quarter or middle, i found myself cured A BIT..
maybe if u keep on hurting me,
one day it will be easier for me to leave u.
right? that could solve the major problems
simple that way, solely making the good resolution..

the only weapon i have right now, maybe letting go off the anger,
yet keeping the pain.

one day perhaps, i would found someone who can constantly giving me pureness..
something that is quite impossible for me to clench... THESE DAYS

au revoir, dadaa

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