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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !




i'm with nok at library. we supposed to have class in CLASS. if u know what i mean.

but since we had finished all syllabus, puan let us stay here.
to do assingment also.
8:30a.m to be exact.
but they still didn't come.
so yeahhh, i'm at the IT room. with NOK
i take this oppurtunity. oh oppurtunity?
to manje manje with u lahhh beby :)

oh not much people here. few
less than 10 pep to be exact.
phftttt UiTM stud is so PEMALAS !

well, to be very honest !
i got stuck in searching article for my assingment.
i'm doing pair. u can choose either pair work, or indi.
but i'd rather choose to do it in pair.
darn it, its so tough !

oh, cut it off.
au revoir, dadaaa :)

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