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senses, please come to me.
oh myyyyyyy, i caught myself again for being much different.
i mean, last time i manage to calmed myself, told myself.
that everything will be okay.
but today, i know things are just not right, neither okay.

of course, i'm a woman. 21 !
andd so unfortunate, to have a child's emotions. i can cry over small tiny miny things.
i can sulk over days just because minuscule matters.
but for sure, then i'll come to my adult's sense.
something that makes me wonder,
am i mature enough?
i tear real tear, i beg like real beg. PATHETIC

i beg for Allah, that is fine.
worship to Allah, either when in happy or sad.
thats how it goes.
keep telling myself,
my faith will help me cross the sea.
but do i really have such strong faith in me?
maybe somehow i'll drown in the middle way?

ease of think,
how ease it is?
hey, come to me my sense.
again, i beg.
but i hear no voice, echoing.
i was hoping so badly. for that echo reply.
but somehow i can feel mine and his soul lingering.
i just can't stop to ever thinking,
about our dream marriage.
but how it could be if i shift myself to be this way??

i've always hoped,
to get myself in the right track.
i've pointed my direction,
and even now i'm walking through it.
i know the time will come,
when i stuck in the middle,
when i get myself isolated thinking upon something that less matter.

i wanna scream real out loud.
why am i being so weak?
for you, one who treats unequally !
i attempt, to not dwell myself.
people always said,
'its okay, time will heal it.'
'u'll find the right one for u, when the time is right.'
everything must have time. FOR SURE
but i only see distance right now...
distance that was so torturing.

when can i have the courage to feel more about my life?
its the climate actually.
i know i am rather new in this world to feel that just yet.

maybe wait is the exact word as for now.
till then,

au revoir, daaa

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