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we'll talk about the AF tingy at the later paragraph.

early reminder: this time posting is quite serious. so just don't if yr not in the mood of tightening the tension's muscles. HAHA but I AM SERIOUS RIGHT NOW.

errr, can i his charisma by any chance?

so this is about the future. what is exactly the picture. trying to get the picture of what am i twenty years from now. yes, i've been thinking about this like hundreds trillions (and so on) TIME.

u know, when it comes to making like this kinda big decisions, i always happened to bumped into EH-WHICH-ONE-IS-BETTER-EH? though i've gone through all the stages in completing the informations i need in order to brainstorming ideas. phftttt COMPLICATED, yet fragile !

first, is about what program do i suit in for my degree next year?

errr, i'm health manager or the doctor actually?

-so i'm thinking about health management, last time. of course i LOVE science. those skeletons thingy. (such bloods are totally avoided, HAHA)
-BUT ! i'm not so into memorizing AGAIN the scientific's terms. PHFTTT

-i also had come across in my mind to pursue degree in the program of HR(human relation)
-BUT ! i have to start from the bottom since it ain't OM'S background, instead its from business faculty.

-right now, i'm thinking of OSM. the same real stream of my current diploma program. phfttt so i just need another 4 semesters to go through right?
-BUT, it kinda lame. yeahhh, to live another 2 years in the same stream. errr -.-'

-final choice is, taking the CS(customer service).
-BUT, publicly the demands are still quite low. of course u'll find it in the private company for instance, KARANGKRAF and so forth.

okay, those are my 'razzle-dazzle' for study.
and now here we come to the most complicated one so far. HAHA at least, so far.

can u see how confusing i am right now?

THE WORK DEMANDS i'm talking about here. *errr am i complicating my life right now? its the planning actually. we always plan before making the actions right? unless if the real world situations are always spontaneous. phftttt

omg, interviewee? not ready yet !

just now, puan zatul talked about this MIDA. that dealings with these embassies. :) woot wooot quite interesting. with the money i'll got in return as wages. HAHHA

andd of course i was intending to become a LECTURER, with god will LAHHH.
again, BUT. the master thingy.

haha diploma pun cannot go lagi, ni kan doktor falsafah. apa gila ke kauu qutiq?

okay, government sector is always better to enter in my opinion. regardless the level of payments. phfttt BUT, the allowances, facilities, pensions, loans and so forth.
  • to sum up, after grad i'm thinking of applying the KASTAM. yeahhh i'll be the pegawai straight away with my degree. HAHAHA

  • and here is when i go with the flow. i mean, private sector. i don't need to complain about the wages. but of course, when it comes to my HARI TUA. i mean, my retirement later, i won't get those pensions like i'll get if i enter the public sector.
    maybe i can keep extra money from my high paid wages for my retirement days KOT?
    what about the house loans and so forth?
    if i'm working with bank, then no worries. if not??

    ehemm ehemm, i'm satisfy with my job already. ERRRR

    errr, now i'm already thinking about the work's pressures already. HAHA
    i'm not this detail in person for sure. BELIEVE ME LAHHH !

    to make it easier, let me just go for the af's auditions lahh? i'll get the house and car just with my voice. HAHAH *kalau sedap lahh suara aku?

    what so good about being entertainer? no, i've never have the intention to become one. but i'm giving the question to u to answer. i would replied, least successful unless u are tough enough to survive. plus with its obstacles, gossips and so on. laen cer lah kalau kau artis hollywood. buruk mna pun prestasi, duet ttp masyukkk. bukan?

    actually, i wanted to find lil informations about the scope of Health Management. so,

    au revoir, dadaaa

    *by any chance, do u have any recommendations?


    forever love said...

    amk mana yang kita sc tue..even susah nak ingt term die..atleast kalo dah guna..lama2 nty ingt gak..byk kn menghafal..boleh ingt la..caya la

    Qutiq Ishanee said...

    mekasih cinta selamanya :) sedang difikirkan :) tapi saya tk pndai

    forever love said...

    sape kate xpandai..semua pandai la..semua hebat..kalo kita nak apa yang kita nak..mesti kene usaha lebih kan.?

    Qutiq Ishanee said...

    mekasih awak :) insyaAllah. pening pale jgk nk pk ni. tgah final year ni. phfttt

    forever love said...

    ye2..saya pun pun tgh final year nie..tahu perasaan cmne nk future study..hihi

    Qutiq Ishanee said...

    thx atiq salleh :) cinta selamanya, right?