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salam, so this entry doesn't have any restricted subject. its just a random one from me. oh so yeahhh, i posted 2 entries today. though my bb's speed is quite low, somehow :) bet, maybe i'm eager right now?

read this entry the whole through, we'll figure. PICTURE ABOVE !

SO TODAY I HAD LDK. phfttt every semester UiTM organizes such programs in order to train the graduates to become more efficient in terms of particular side. like today, our module for part 5 & part 6 (combined) is how to face the working environment. so i'm quite familiar about this thing since i'm an OMT's stud of course :) *office management and technology why lah it has to every semester at the first place? then, need more foods !

mhm, i'm not going to explain any farther actually :)

so i was playing this kinda game in my delly lappy. named restaurant rush. was quite addicted to it since the day before yesterday. it was tiring -frankly speaking.
speed. my fingers got crammed MOST OF THE TIME.

the main thing is that, i happened to take shower quite late, about 1o something.
bhahaha and this is one thing,
i forgot to top up my facial foam (papaya, i cut it into slices) so took shower without cleansing my face at the first place, unfortunately. huhu and it took me like almost 10 minutes to take my time in toilet to poo. bhahhaa disgusting duhh !

errr JANGAN BACA. yeee qutiq dh pesan kt tengah tengah entri ni, jgn baca ! sbb entri ni tk menarik pun. seriously ! sbb ni hanye rutin harian yang tk menarik langsung. serius tk tpu !

so this paragraph is about my hearbeat. i warned u right???????????

yesterday, he had to work for 15 hours regardless his break time.
today, he worked overtime again. phfttt pity him huh? and yeahhh again the same thing. i feel like neglected. HAHAHA *sigh try to be in my shoes, u'll know.
i reckon he must be so exhausted somehow.
omg b, just hang in there :( loveeeyou my heartbeat -.-'

cut about relationship, annoy u enough huh?

again i'm alone. no roomies around. *phftt
feel isolated. plus hungry, damnnn what the heck are they dancing inside my belly now !
i'll grab my chicken burger later. luckily i did take-away-ed it - food court this evening just now.

andd also, me and momo talked about friendship this evening :'( phftttt i hate it when it comes to 'friend lasts forever' thingy. nahhh, it didn't really exist ! u know, i did cry over it more and more last time okay !

sad enough, lets move on !
vtine day is around the corner. whatsoever. didn't they talk about this? forbidden, and in Islam, its HARAM to be exact.
so don't u ever dare to even think about it okay?? just go google about its history for further. phfttt

my assignments, phftttt
there are both group assignments and individuals. and i'm the CEO for ETR's one.
law is yet to come. i'm collecting as much as articles for references. but didn't start yet. quite worry though !
despite my worries, i'm looking forward of how our mock business will look alike :) still working on owners background but i finished mine. waiting for others to submit to me so then i can email it to miss. :)

heyyyy bloggay ! thanx again again again and again yawww. for visiting my beby pelangi. traffic's increasing amazingly :) LOVEYOU so muchhoooo !

err btw, when can i gain weight huh !!!!!!!!
need more fat, here and there. die
i'll loke more compliment then :( retarded weight loser !
yes, i often to lose weight easy unintentionally. and vice versa ! heyy i think of weighing my weight soon. to see any different. maybe i'm gaining? AMINNNN so then i can meet my beby fatin soon :) haha yeah we did bet. she's losing while i'm gaining. such a bet huh?

tomorrow dayah will sleep over. idk why, maybe it has to do with her practical.
wohhhmaiiigooodddd, next week is my shift to do the inner practical training. for a week ! though it just DALAMAN, but i'm all nervous inside out ! to extent, i'll be doing my real industrial training with ika at Pekan Pahang. we'll stay there temporarily for a semester. i've got to prepare myself beforehand somehow ! i MUST ! i mean, culture shock is everywhere right?

CRAVING novels ! lame
need to find foods for myeyes soon :)
whats in best selling huh nowadays?
ABOUT THE PICTURE EARLIER, LATER WE'LL KKNOW :) *don't give me such quizzical look bhaha


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