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salam bebyyyy bloggay :) uhukx sedih.

cuba bygkn kalau kta cll org, dia just balas, 'mhm' 'mhm' 'mhm' utk setiap jwpn?
BOYFRIEND ! pathetic -.-'
okay, yg ni personal sket.
*pdahal niat nk cta bnda laen. errr mood spoilt. FINEEEE !
errr nahhh, i can't tell more.
hujan melebat, kilat berdentum menyabung ! TAKUTTT !

CEMBURU IKA DAPAT TEDDY BESAR YG BOLE DIPOLOK WAKTU MEMBONGKANG ! arghhhh bole tk siapa siapa bg qutiq bear bear :'( sedihhhh *asal bf aku tk pnah bg aku teddy bear ha?
boyfriends insted DEGUPJANTUNG? whadaaaHECK, aku tgah sedih ahh !

qutiqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq, JUST CUT IT OFF !!!!!!!!

calm down calm down qutiqq. be rational please. yr bloody superrrrb anger won't solve anything ! okayyyyyyyyyyy FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

phewwwwww !

okay, back to topic.
tomorrow abg wan (bukan nama sebenar) who is my not-so-really-supervisor is attending TAKLIMAT hold by UiTM itself. phftttt GOING TO DIE !
how can u expect a girl with so little minuscule experience working in the $#%$^ actual workplace can perform with herself ALONE??

errr actually, my heart blends with mix emotions.
-my pathetic enough sadness and nervousness (of course for tomorrow)-

haihhhhhh, cont qutiq ! focus on the foremost~

okay, i intend to story u about my internal practical training somehow.

today, was not so tenses-full day compared to when on Moday. BUT !!

okay there's but which stands for bad clue, somehow. phfttt !
tomorrow i have to adapt with myself like be independent cause my inspector or who i can call my one and only friendly company is going for TAKLIMAT arggghhh
idk how to adjust myself then. SOS !

despite my fear for tomorrow, i feel torn now.
okay, yes ! when it comes to fight with aje, i found myself disordered.

yeahh, i know i'm so freaking retarded right now.
have to end here. i'm sory beby :'( i feel like crying.
talk to u about this internal practical training later.

my APOLOGY beby pelangggiiii :'(

au revoir, dadaaa
nasib baek ada SB. nk chat kt sna :) mst bole ubat hati qutiq yg duka lara. fineeee AJE DH MINTA BREAK. so what?? SB bole teman kn?

-when emotions tearing, let your eyes do their jobs-

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