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salam bebyyy. it has been quite some time right? yeahhh i did promise u to update about my mid term break last time, didn't i? as i posted earlier, on Saturday 28th Jan, me, ika, burbur, eg, zyla(his gf on that day) and my beloved deary aje chilled out and celebrated aje's belated birthday. i didn't actually threw a birthday party as they were just the cake and kfc's with small group of fellows joined. and btw, i'm not going to paste any pictures as i've already did at the last 2 or 3 entries maybe. just go point and click on previous posts okay??

so the next day, which i mean on Sunday. i went out with my UiTM's and ex classmates. we went for karoeke and so forth. at night, me ika and her friends went to uptown Danau Kota. have fun though.

errr i looked gross? blame me not guyss

awww ! MIRA, HER $%$, ATEN, PIKA AND ME :)

the next wednesday i first accompanied Ika to meet fatin and mira as mira is tagging ika to Ipoh. so then, fatin dropped me at KTM KL as i later then buy the ticket to go back campus before i met momo at BB afterward.

me and bebyy momo sayangg :)

iloveyouu lah bebyyy ♥

intentionally enlarging the image. bhahaha :) SO WHATTT?! no lahhh, because i copied from fb. can't upload here since the lower speed of maxis bb. phfttt

on Friday i mean two days later. i met my lovey dovey aje again :) just the two of us. we planned to meet on Saturday but then he had been invited to his friend's wedding at Teluk Intan. so we just switch the plan to Friday. we caught the way back movie but i ought to say, it was so boring movie back then. idk what to do that then made me texting with ika. phfttt.

its him ! meigaddd, can't tell ya how in love i am with him !

okay, i know i'm SPUDAL ! *cut it off !

si pelahappp ! :) thats why he loves me. cause i never fake me

i know my itineraries are quite too short and brief. but u know, i'm tired today. as the classes are dayummm packed. *maybe, though my classes finish at 6. bhahaha i still think its tiring. dangggg

till next entry :)
au revoir, dadaaa

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