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salam, maybe this time post is just another lame RANDOM posting.
ought i just brainwash myself here? surely then, will i run myself at the top of the happiest happiness on earth by any chance?
so yeahhh, today is like again just a RANDOM but slightly a bit diff.
errr, maybe since i didn't caught myself like usual RANDOM chores of mine; FACEBOOKING.
nahhh nothing worse about that.
facebooking mayb is one reason for me to erase 35% of the boringness staying alone in hostel.
the remaining, comes from movie+phoning+sms-ing+sleeping.
but sleeping maybe the least percentage at this point.
i'm not like any other popular girl on earth errr or at least in college. neither in social networking.
so i'm not a busy woman in any circumstances.
except when i tied down to assignments as any other average college girl, right?
but nahhh, i'm living my life perhaps happy enough for myself, supposedly.
should i say u are in no position to butt into my business, seriously budds !
like my previous RANDOM feelings i've mentioned, i'm currently missing mama. :( and also abah.
plus aje. and obviously additional extra MISSYOU feeling to fafa -.-'
and everyone also, equally :'(
but what to do??
i feel absolutely certain that i won't be meeting them in any immediate time by now, somehow.
but u know, i'm someone who is certainly can't hold the grudge to grieve in myself alone.
certainly ain't RANDOM right? as this is surely the fact.
should u be notice to stay away from us, okay? bhahahahah
not to forget, my business runs well. but its not that profitable, though.
earlier, i said my life is quite boring. the later, i said the other way round.
maybe i should say life goes ordinary? yeahhh that agrees my current feeling better.
recently, aje told me that he's speaking English to his Pakistans' subordinates.
yeah, he's leading all of them.
he insisted me to teach him English. and i do somehow once in a while speak English with him.
but its a lil tiring then. hahaha cause i have to translate.
its okay, as long as he's willing to learn right?
there's nothing wrong to learn, in fact.
i know this post has gone quite longer than i thought.
hahahha hold the pain to bear a lil bit okayyyy, beby.
after all, yr my best listener right? so lend me yr eyes please??
errrr, btw beby.. i found its wayyy easier to do my reload transaction by ym rather than sms.
first of all, is the fact that its free.
plus, its much more faster compared to sms.
cause it doesn't have to crash on the busy line of course. hahaha
errr i think now i don't use the RANDOM word anymore ( but i just ! =.= )
random picture from google. haha
btw, i manage to end 'wonderful life' today.
left me in tears at some scenes, to be frank.
just see how cute shinbi is (the daughter).
can't tell u, but i am certainly love guys with small eyes.
but somehow sometimes i skip my beats when i ran into full big rounded eyes guy.
just like the hero in this story :)
i ran out of topic too much, ain't it? ignore my korea's addiction. (the background is green ! errr, again)
phfttt maybe i should just go to bed.
the reason goes also because tomorrow i had to confront with the fierce Wan Mila (lecturer)
so i'm in no state to make myself from running late to class.
RANDOM; i dislike people who snore. it scares me a lot when they're snoring !
arasso? get it, i mean. idk how to spell it exactly. but its korean for understand.
haha okayy lahhh. au revoir, dadaaa

i thought it'd be rather readable if i post something like this(long words posting) with this alignment. so u won't get bored, maybe beby?? errr -.-' but maybe i should just don't need to italicize them next time...

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