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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



salam, so yes it was saturday yesterday as today is sunday. errr *wadddaaaaEFFF !
i thought it would be the happiest moment. but unfortunately, it wasn't. so i don't want talk in detail to u beby, im just sad here and quite dissapointed. so yeahhh, here are the pictures.

thats me camwhoring -.-'

okay i'm skinny. and aje keeps complain on that. phfttt -.-'

me and ika in the toilet camwhoring :)

no comment

i just love u, idk why -.-

me and ika again :)

haha eg and his gf :) awww cat shy shy. bhahahha

okay, thats all. au revoir. daaaa *if i have the mood to tell further, then i'll post one entry about it.

p/s: feel unappreciated.

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