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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !


salam, i ran out of time. so i will just attach u with fews picts of us. btw, we left to Lumut on friday as i told u. and we got back to Seri Iskandar on sunday. we spent 1 night at Pangkor, and the other night at Lumut. of course we rented Hotel. there were things happened. can't tell u in details as due to privacy matters. haha but for sure i still have boundaries :p oh btw we ride the banana boat and we did snorkeling. u can't tell me how precious the feelings are. seriously, it left us with bright smiles :p awww so here the pictures are

at the hotel's reception

swimming pool first ♥

at Lumut :)

on the ferry, meigaddd looks like i'm gaining. ain't it?

ready to sleep =.=

looks real right? heee

tell me, which one is me?

u can view more pictures at my fb. :p

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