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salam, yesterday i had fun with classmates. no, i don't have words to say. just pictures to show off.

me, fairuz and yat

because we're so dayummmm tired. az and ika was there also. but i don't have proper pictures of them. oh actually, we rented car and overnight. got back to U only almost at 9am. imagine how tiring it was? phfttt but all pictures uploaded here was in the morning. everyone is tired. but i forced myself to camwhoring A BIT. errr i mean, at least we need visual memories right?

we had so much fun together back then. we're 21, we're ain't wild but somehow eventhough we're a good kid with average cgpa 3 pointer and above, yet we still need space to have fun. hahaha get us wrong not. but this is average teens do right? we know how to manage control adapt and so on and so forth.

btw, my easyreload business is running already.

end here. au revoir dadaaa

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Lelaki Ini said...

besh sgt2 spend tyme masa ngn kengkawan!
sgt2 besh!