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tajuk dh cliche..

errr i know yr analyzing, but please don't make such faces -.-'

to make it clear, i'll tell u straight to the point. i notice that i love read entries with less word written but more pictures uploaded plus with short paragraph. don't u think so?

thus from now on, i'll try to make my post short and simple but with more visual.

this actually has nothing to do with my post. maybe it describes my feeling. i feel like jumping !

but i know, somehow it ain't easy to make a story short. maybe somethimes i'll go long. but i'll figure out something to catch your interests.

so actually today i'm at Ika grandma's place. i woke up almost at 10. sadly, everyone is still dreaming.

i'm someone who drinks plain water a lotttt. especially when it comes to morning waking. but here, has no drink. that sound even worse right?

so i'll just drink up my saliva. errr GROSS ! i mean, gulping. phfttt

i hope i can drink like this old mannnnnnn ! *sigh

i know its weird to have no water at a house. *i mean something to drink. but this is no joke. her mother is not around as she passed away. (Innalillahiwainnalillahirajiunnnnn)

so the only person who lives here is her jobless unmarried aunty. idk how to describe more.

btw, i happened to waste my prepaid airtime. beby momo asked me to super saver her last night. but she accidentally fell asleep. so i don't call anyone.

i think i worded so much. au revoir, dadaaa (by any chance, do u know why using B.Y.E is avoided? i don't remember why. but its something that related to religion. u better find out why)

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