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salam, last night i fell asleep by 1am maybe. i'm just too sleepy that i felt pretty lazy to greet aje night. so later, he texted me. ask whether i'm asleep or awake. -.-' *im sorry hubby

so around 4am something i woke up and replied his text and sleep back. 6am something, my phone screen displayed miscalls from beby mo and him. and texts from him. so i responded both aje and mo. they called me. so then i can't sleep back. errr -.-'

btw, u know i miss aje so much. these days, we have no time for our own. his working shift is 7pm-7am. obviously we lose our value time together. i understand him, but that just not it. deep down inside i feel terrible. now things get even worse, i guess.

phfttt, i hope i can holding on longer. for the sake of this rship. i know he's trying somehow. like just now, we texting like 4-5 texts. i asked him to sleep. cause i know he's tired. but i cried...

i know he's being faithful there. he's earning for a good life.... maybe for both of us too *he said so.

btw u know, i'm about to make business. topup business to be exact. earlier, he's not in my side. as he said, if i ran out of pocket money, he can add some. but i refused. i never take cash from him. so after arguing. he later permitted me.

mhmm so yeahhh i miss him so bad. i hope eventhough we are nowadays less contact, we'll stay honest to each other. its getting hard. somehow i do realize this is one of the obstacles. for sure, i'll figure out way to win. at leasssst i figure !

i'm actually outta mood to upload pictures. buttt... here it is.

i don't have our hundreds of sweet pictures in my lappy anymore. errr, so did i mention u that i've formatted my lappy and that no back up? yeahhh, because last time someone did something*idk what was is to my lappy. phfttt so next time, back off okay ! don't try to be OH-I-KNOW-BETTER.

so i lost pictures and all. like trillion pictures of me and aje disappeared just like that ! plus my beloved korean and japanese movies' collection. anddd of course the memorable family pictures !

so everyone is trying good good here. *sigh, please don't, since u look silly than never

btw, i'm still alone here. au revoir. dadaaa :(

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