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Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



salam, i know u might come to this particular feeling when u read this whole through.
u have no choice beby darlinggg, but to listen me.
remember?? u is me somehow. (okay i drive myself nut)
so what? just get off then.

errr bebyy, again, i miss my beloved buddies. and old of mine, for sure.
the people who i used to get close with.
first, i saw yana online.
second, last time i walled shahira my darlinggg lil sis. and got nothing in return.
maybe she's wayy to busy there. as she told me earlier.
and the rest....
omg, i happened to stuck myself crying over them recently.
fafa, she's away somewhere in PD.
like i mentioned u earlier, she was working there.
thus, for sure it will be hard for me to chill around with her.
idk how much longer i'll dwell myself on this kinda rship.
i suppose let myself go with the flow.
but i can't help myself to see happy pictures of them with their new mates.
the fact that i am absolutely out of frame.

not to mention here beby,
but i'm tired to take care of momo.
to make herself in a good shape of conditions.
or even close to twist herself to at least be a nice girl.
idk what should i do, honestly. she seems to be even more wild.
haihhhhh i don't regret it when i first happened to be close with her..
but i feel a lil disappointed as i still can't lead her to the right path YET.
its obvious i can't fix her. but at least could she just listen to my words.
i'm tired as people around me didn't bother about she'll change.
yeahhhh its more or less quite true.
its her who's the one who should make a click to impact herself, of course i mean in the positive way !
i'm catching headache right now. honestly i am. =.=
i know, somehow the day will come.
when she caught herself at the bottom.
maybe now she didn't realize as all she sees now is happiness. darlingg, trust me its temporary, thought.
somehow later, u'll be regretting of what u have done.
idk, but i just don't want to wait until she get the lesson.
i love her, and i can't bear myself to let her learn from mistakes, though.
i know, that is the best teacher. but also the worse teacher, somehow.
u know, learning from mistakes mean u have to accept the result of self-inflicted.
then sure it'll be hard for u to climb up back and rebuild again your life.
if it so, she's hard enough.. if not? she'll continuously drop herself even deeper.

haihhh sayangg sayangg berubah lahh sebelum kau terhantukk. tkd siapa dpt tolong kalau bukan diri kau sendiri. live by law. happiness comes later. :(

p/s:kita tak tahu apa natijah nya hingga lah kita berhadapan dengannya. sebelum terlambat, lebih baik elak diri dari terima akibat nyaa. hidup masih panjangg. cara bagaimana kita nk hidup kehidupan kita pada masa hadapan adalah ditentukan bagaimana pembawakan diri kita sekarang. kalau sekarang hidup suda terumbang ambing. harapan untuk bahagia ketika dewasa sangat sukar. kejaiban itu indah, tapi tk semua orang rasa nikmatnya.. kadang kadang ajaib itu perlu dikejar..

errr, seriously aku pening pale pk kn semua ni. panadol pleasa :(

au revoir, dadaa

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