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salam, i want to make this post short and simple.

so this is how maxis bb's been doing.

yeap, usually i only get GPRS here. so sorry if u find my blog not updated.

plus i love this guy so very much.

phfttt of course lahh RAJA HAFIZ kn. who else could it be?

guys, excuse me for my silent. but i'm trying to get speed line. phfttt maxis is just disgust me !

btw, i scrubbed just now. so my face gets oily. thats why i scrub very seldom. but since my skin has getting rough, so i have no choice but to scub somehow.

forget my photos' alignment. do it purposely. bhahaha

btw, ignore why i edited photo of me and aje that way. bwekkkkx !

i really want to sleep like this. heee :)

i know i look merrier :) but i guest at this point, peace means farewell. errr *sigh

au revoir, dadaaa

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