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salam, okay i don't even care if my entry post's language doesn't agree with my title's language, but to tell u the truth i'm so effing happy. u know, my boo cut his hair short made his new hairdo after i've been telling him to do so like so longgg agoo and now he finally did. and i don't know which dayumm freaking blog on this earth i've read that posted this statement;

'i wanted to be the reason why he cut his hair short'

tettt tetttt don't read more. or else u'll regret later.

errr errrr so i am the reason why my bubuu finally made the decision to go for new hairdo. actually, he promised me earlier that he'll cut his hair short on this upcoming new year's eve. but i kept on pushing him. and maybe because of the minor factors that came lately, so then he went to his regular salon today. *giggle actually it was started two days back before i was die hardly pushing him to do so. but he came up out in sudden finally called me that he will today on this early afternoon. so i happened to be shocked for awhile and was like WOH MAIIII GUESSS !

i smile very wide, but i really don't dare to snap it. as i don't have the teeths *i mean, like this one

okay, i know this seems like nothing to u. but for me, its HUGE babess ! trust me, it is. im so over excited and cant wait to see him with his new hairdo. and im so happy as he asked me today. so i'm gonna meet him this sat and we'll see how its look on him. don't blame me, but i'm so happy. more than anyone does. BHAHAHAHA

actually, my morning today wasn't that shine. i almost find myself crazy at the middle huge stupid madness as he offed his phone. then, i was like wadddaaaa%$^%&@ on earth are u thinking maannnnn??? and i keep on leaving him with tons of short msgges. and ended up with really like an uptight cow situation there. *i'm always an uptight cow when he offed his phone. actually i first realized that he is off-ing his phone when i didn't receive any msg from him as he does usually if he's going to his workplace. so i texted him, asked him why? and thx to maxis for its service *telling that his phone is off and the msg will be sent once he on his.

yes i'm happy but i don't jump like this, trust me !

andd 11 something in the morning, he called mama as i offed my phone. BHAHAHA serve him right. but i refused to answer as i'm online-ing. okay this is one fact that i'm always trying to running away from him while i'm online-ing. he'll get mad if he knows all i'm doing at home is online all day long. grrr then after i offline-ed, i reached him and he shocked me with the news that he'll off to salon soon after he ate his late breakfast. later then, i keep on smiling all the time. haha he always drives me crazy but this time, he really got me in the point. so yahh, in the nutshell, can't wait to let my eyes actually to be the witness for this amazing picturesque. bhahaha i know i'm over. but yeah, he's the one of the most important creatures in my life. so what, i didn't force u to read my posts. i never insist u. right? so what, i wrote what i feel. and this is my excitement. blah blah blah i warned u, remember?

talk to the screen. au revoir, dadaaa. thx to deary bloggay anyway. ♥

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