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salam, hey so yeah i just created one new blog. u know, i kinda like it more. its simpler. and one big major difference is that this posting box. i found that my new private blog's posting box is more advance. and easier. i can highlight my sentence. well, if u notice this blog have been created since 2007. and its really old. before i keep it simple. and i'm not so active in blogging since i don't own BB neither do lappy.

and i just blogged at the other blog about my rules of life. and i said something about my screwing up life nowadays. and matter fact hell yeah, im kinda stuck in messiness lately. but thank Allah, i still have friends and my special aje. who always there to listen me. there to cherish my existence, at least. *giggle. they are always there to cheer me up fortunately :p especially ika and fa.

though i'm in my semester break when i should live in peace and out of stress, i think i'm more stressed out here.

but i still can handle this. if for over 10 years ago i still can holding on, why not i now? i'm strong, remember? so yeah, i was holding on. and later when i reach my limit, i'll do what as planned. till then, take it easy right?

so yeah, i'm trying to not pouting out. yes, aje always busy and kinda like neglecting me. MAYBE not. he's actually digging up harder for our future. and he's always not well nowadays. so when he's at home, he needs enough rest. and which means, he leaves me alone. and we only have less than two hours per day for our golden moments. hence, i'm treasuring it. he woke up as early as 6 a.m. and he off to bed as early as 9 p.m. and the only time we had time together is every 8 to 9 evening. do u know how torturing is that? haha but nahh, its okay. im truly understand him.

this upcoming new year eve, he'll go to Pulau Pangkor. which means, he won't celebrate it with me. grrrr -.-'

remember last time i told u before that i'll find some part time job to fill my boring days? nahhh, i ended up unemployment. nowadays, people don't want to hire for part time job seeker. they want permanent. aje quite pissed off with that. he said, i don't put effort on it. but u know, he's Januarian. u know what i mean... i maybe are employed. but, working at fast food restaurant is totally avoided. i have to go for kursus and all. and maybe i'll work till closing. which means if lucky closing time for shopping complex is at 1 am something. do u think i can make it? i'm still under my parents' care, okay. and if they allowed me even so, i have no transport. and how the hell on earth i could make it at 1 am?

mhm and about my greeny lappy, i still haven't fix it up. so i'm onlining now using my old lappy. still greeny. hahaha btw, i'll fix my lappy when i enter my new semester. i'll use PTPTN's money.

and now, fa is at PD. she works there. my boring day has becoming even more boring-EST. well actually, today ada asked me out. since her husband is on leave. but she didn't contact me. so i just let it silent. tomorrow, next day, next day and blah blah blah until my new semester open, i'll be such in bored. except this sat and next sat. i'll go out with aje. and since i'm not allowed to laugh at my house, i'll laugh out loud then with him as this sat, we'll catch 'HANTU MAK LIMAH BALIK KAMPUNG' movie. but right now, i feel like laughing HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA cause just now i told aje about hantu mak limah alek kmpung. then he responded like this, 'mak limah tu siapa ayg?' hahaha i was like dangggg are u joking me?? i laughed, but not so loud.

so my chores right now probably online. since i dislike to watch tv. but facebook seems boring already. facebook was difficult and matured. myspace was friendly. myspace, there were alot fake people. but now, all those fake people have shifted to facebook. so u know what i mean right? and everything is now all upside down. myspace is difficult. facebook is friendly. don't u think so? i don't understand myspace at all. more advance, and i'm not into researching it. hahaha though past assignments had done something with this social website, me and my group never choose to pick this kinda of assignment. as for me, its not challenging. cause u know, this facebook, myspace thingy have been around me since the last century. *hahah i lied. so i want something different. maybe they just don' play my brain enough. haha *poyo je

actually, i don't know what junks i want to write more. so, au revoir. dadaaaa


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