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26th Dec 2010

salam, so today i went out with aje. we first met at KTM KL i bought my ticket to ipoh next week. yeahhh i'll leaving back to campus. so saddddd -.-' grrr so we went to KLCC had lunch there.

hensem kn dia dh potong rambut. ni yg wt aku tk senang dduk ni. grrr girls, don't ever dare

later then, we walked to imbi and karok there for an hour. we don't have to be in the waiting list as there not as crowded as saturday. so then we headed to S.Wang where he bought 2 tees, 1 slipper and i bought 1 blouse. hee -.-' and we also ran into his friends. but i wasn't in the mood to be nice with them. so i walked fast and left him behind. haha he was so tired accompanied me to get only 1 blouse. phfttt he pissed off to be exact. bhahahaha

okay, dia suda comell, jembuu, cute, hensemm, ayuu smua bgai ! aku jealous

after not so long tiring shopping, haha for me i guess. but for him, its like torturing. we later headed to eat again. -.-' i grabbed maggy goreng, so did him.

idk what to craps more. oh btw, my waist played me with nerves. i'm senggugut. duhhh PMS

au revoir, dadaaa

actually, i've drafted this entry on last sund. due to lower BB's speed. so today i had chance to blog u back. this is like double entry here. i wanna story u, last night we had fought. i felt weak. and all day long i sucked myself in my room. haha loveyou boo &heart;. phfttt i'm hungry now. its 10:41 a.m. later i'll go shop with mama. i've packed my things and stuffs to perak just now. i've folded and hanged neatly all clothes inside my cupboard. can't wait -.-' next semester will be tough. LAW, ACCOUNT, ETR and so forth. we'll wait. till then pray i'll get another DL. i'm close to ANC. hope everything will go as planned :)

au revoir, dadaaa

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