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salam, hello bloggers. how are u? i'm not fine here, thank you. -.-'


so yeah, i hope everything will go smooth and nice and fine and okay and all other positive words that suit. haha so things happen for reasons yeah? okay we'll see how it works. just before, i have tons of idea. but right now, it turns the other way round. i'm blanked -.- phfttt actually i was so annoying by the situations i'm dealing with right now. i miss ika. i just miss her.

andd, my BB is still speeding down. grrrrr i've paid the bill last week. but still its performance doesn't speed any better, even worst instead.

btw, this pict is so old, like long longgg ago.

i miss sha. my old pet sis. we used to be OTP like all the time. how weird huh? everyone who i used to be always-on the-phone, seems getting far apart. one enter, one exit. but the one who stay is BFF. but u know, somehow i think most of my bff doesn't stay long. nahh, there is one. NUR FARAH BINTI AZHAR. i love her. so muchieee. hope she is just fun there at PD with her friends and abg. oh btw, i maybe never mention u about abg. she is also one of the best people in my life. don't get confused why i call her abg. i'm not into paragraphing about her right now. maybe later some other time.

*err, hey i just can't stand u !

nowadays, i don't do blogwalking. due to my lower speed of BB.

time is getting near, i'll leave KL soon. and peace :) can't wait. but somehow, im gonna miss u b. err, talking about him.... nowadays, we haven't fight just yet. no, i'm not asking for that but it jus uhhh, boring perhaps?

btw, i was thinking of buying new gadget. either digital cam or new phone? my beby elliza suggested me about S E aino. so what say u budday? oh btw, elliza is one of my sis pet. we've been knowing each other for years. hahah funniest part is that, we never meet yet. oh, she's adorable and cute and sweet like an egg tart. i love egg tart :p oh back to the new phone thingy. iphone and blackberry are totally out of topic. u know, i don't afford them. wait until i earn money for my living. haha credits to elliza btw :)

TOODles :p au revoir

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