Notes for u:
Assalamualaikum & hello. Please be friendly. No harsh words !



salam, so u know this post titled as new private blog. so yeah, i created new blog. but it is strictly private for public view. some reasons came up so here it comes. if u get interested to view that one, just leave me your email and i'll invite u. but please be understand that it is restricted. so, maybe im just going to less post here. only if i think some of them are not too private, then i'll blog here. u know, i just need some space, some privacy at any angle. i'm not isolating myself, obviously not. but like i told u, i need respect. i'm tired of satisfying people or even please people. if u think i'm rude, so what. tell u what, u are thousand times even more rude than me. just to let u know, that the fact u are BOSSY ! yes, somehow those people who don't respect others are more likely bossy. and thats the number one on top list of 'people who everyone is trying to avoid from'. understood?

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