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salam, today is like one of the best day for me. nothing much happen. its not like i went for a vacation, win lotteries *errr it came up suddenly. or even win a house *even more over. but i don't know things just like lighting me up. no, its nothing related to lamps or kerosenes andd light bulbs or whatever related to light. nahhh, it something i refer to light that gives real smiles with flowers in heart stars and radiant face glowing white eyes. errr crapping. nk jugakkkk.

okay, i don't wanna talk about what happened earlier. as i talked about it at my earlier post right? but still i wanna mention that i ate alot today. i ate 3 plates of rice. imagine that, huh? like seriously qutiq? i doubt u beby. oh nahhh, i'm someone who with lil tiny skinny body. i'm 178.5' with 41 kg. what say u? yes, i'm too skinny. so eating like loads of food seems awkward for someone who with this body. but trust me, i have very high metabolism rate. so after an hour or less, i'll find my tummy empty again. but i'm someone who eats with less quantity but frequently. this is normal for someone like me. ehh, btw does hair gain weight by any chance? cut it off qutiq. phfttt =.=

like i mentioned u at my previous post, i'll have dinner right? so yahh, me mama and abah went to carrefour W.maju. u know, when it comes to real Halal food u must consider the chef also. mama will never step her feet when she doubt about the chef. so, i considered carrefour as i once went to this restaurant name like 'priok' or something. i forgot the first title. haha cruel me. and we finally went there and grab buffet. like ate alot more more and much more. i'm craving for ice cream. duhhh -.-' the steamboat was awesome. but johny's tomyam is much better. trust me. still, this 'priok' has its own attraction. u know, buffet is what i'm talking about right... i burped like countless. i'm gross, so will u be my friend?? bhahaha wadddaaaa%^*#$% !

i also went for mobile survey and right when i'm just about to believe myself for purchasing that SE aino, *u know the who elly introduced me to. i was likee dayummmmm whatttt?? its 3g's camera placed behind. its wasting right? *kalau 3g kau sorang je dpt tgk mukaaa akuuu mcm siot lah kn. tk besttt langsung. so i was like frustrated and have to reconsider my options. errrr ada suggestion tk latest phone yg best? I PHONE is totally out of list okay. its not affordable. i'm not filthy rich fake girls with her i phone okay. sorry, NOT MOST OF THEM. *grrrr mcm nk buat phfttttttt kuat kuat smpai orang bawah flat ni dengar ! i know this is like cliche. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE PURCHASING A NEW MOBILE PHONE. but i'm clueless here. grrr i was like attracted to SE aino for its Wifi, 8.1 mp camera, full touchscreen and so forth. but the 3g???? errrr tetttttttttttttttttttttttttt. omg, why this phone came up with 1 obvious spoil? right now, i'm still excited about it. bhahahaha blame me not. my so called new phone is actually aje's. and its like so olddd fashionnn. sumpah cikai. anddd tk cool langsung. sory b, but this is fact. *giggle and i bumped into blackberry with affordable price. but many friends of mine said 'BLACKBERRY TK BESTT' tp seriously mcm excited mata nk jeling jelinggg mcm Dato' siti dgn S.M Salim tuuuu. nk nk nk jgk ! tk kireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tk terkireeeeeee jugakk. *gedix jap, mimik muka ala cebik mcm nk minta flying kick jackie chan.

this is like serious straight forward quest to u: 'if you were to purchase new phone, what kind?'

AGAIN, TODAY I'M HAPPY. i've always been changing my moods rapidly. so what? like as if i've ever busy body about your life?

because abah bought sony camera, 2 new phones for him and mama. thats why i'm happy. idk why? those three things surely not directly mine, but i'm just happy. HAHA

andd, my blog's traffics has increasing. plus two of my favorite bloggay dropped by at mine. i was like, errr thanks sbb sudi jalan kt blog saya and ckp blog saya cntik. saya appreciate benoorrrr. sbb saya adore kamu. and saya mcm nk main main dengan rambut. saya bukan lesbiii, tp saya rasa mcm suka kamuuu. hahahahaha omg omg omg mcm nk ulang OMG seribu juta kali. tp tk larat sbb memang bukan imran ajmain mcm lagu beliau yanggg, jalan beribu batu, tunggu beribu tahun tuuu.

lastly, maybe because dpt jenjalan kt carrefout kot? errr tkpun, seriously. suka suka. tp tkd lah mcm kanak kanak ribena dpt maen playground kt food court tuuu. -.-'

today, no quote. cause i've blocked my creative brain. *MALAS
no photos also. mama hates her pictures on web. few of them is forgiven. :p
au revoir, daaa

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