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salam beby :( pagi td i slept at 4 something after ym-ing with beby fatin. and i woke up just now at 9 something. i thought of letting my self continuing sleeping but my mind keep on thinking of something which made me anxious and a lil bit sad. plus, because of my mouth condition. i feel so dried and painful. duhh *sigh

i have 4 painful active ulcers inside my mouth. thats why this post title written as mulut berhati busuk. cause its killing me. even more worse is that i broke my lips. yes bibir i pecah. and it comes out of nowhere. i mean, i hope i remember the reason why my lips broke? i know lately i drink less. especially plain water. since i'm not a consumer of sweetened drink. phfttt

oh god, i can't stand any longer. puhhhleeeaaseee be good big mouth. don't betray me. grrrr

pity me right, beby? :'(

one more thing beby. i've got to say that now i'm preparing myself mentally. yes, i'll be away almost 4 hours from KL next week. which means, me and aje will be apart by distance. i know, we've been hearing about 'jauh di mata, tapi dekat di hati' but somehow i couldn't find even just a way to coax my heart. we'll be separated by distance. being miles away from him... urgghhh just be good there buuu. :(

so lately i've been touching with him over small matters. i know its unreasonable and immature. but i can't help myself. i'm planning to let him has him boys day out alone with his boyfriends this saturday. and will be just the two of us later at sunday. u know, i just want it to be just me and him date. since this is like our last date in 2010 and personally, this sunday will be the last time we date before i leave to Perak. i want it to be private and memorable. u know, before i off to Perak, i need to leave some marks. something we'll remember. something i'll remember when distance takes place and when i'm dying missing him badly at late night. u know, love is wicked. especially the feeling of missing someone.

and mama, i'll be missing u too. i'm always find myself homesick to be frank. its true. ask my roomates. they know how i acted when i started cry missing mama. but u know, there is just something. something that block me. urgghhhh i hope u won't feel burden here at home. next month will be tough for u right mummy? i hope u won't trouble yr own self for others anymore. but i know, somehow u won't change. u just wont.. u keep to satisfy them and at the end of the day..... mhm i end here.

au revoir. daaaa

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