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this is my store. *qtqaje's store

busy huh?

runway fashionshow :)

tgk ada yellow quizzical sign? means dia nk caltwalk kt runway

salam, hello, ni hao :) wo hen hao -.-' which means, i'm quite fine today. feeling better. recently, i've been playing this game in facebook names FASHION WORLD. its fun and i just keep playing it. this is like my new hobby beby :p beby, i ada 8 mesin jahit, 6 fitting rooms and 6 workers. three of them is my cashiers. 2 is my salesgirls and me myself. and jane fashion itself. i hired adk sha, adk mo, afiq, mirul. haha funny ain't it? seronok tgk dia bergerak as if it really exists ;p i wonder how it will be if i run my own fashion stall or fashion line. bhahahha

btw, urggghh tension. lappy greeny i still rosak. now online guna lappy lma i. how sadddd. kt U nnt bru nk repair. tgk lah technician mna i nk try. CS or AP. phfttt -.-'

au revoir daaa

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