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sayangg, u make me cry. sumpah benci bila adk wt akk cani :( benci benci gila gilaaaaaaaaaaa ! don't worry sayangg. cause me also don't get first intake call at the first place. i was in your shoes before. i got myself in fear right when i'm dealing with the same situation as yours in 2008. i was afraid i won't make it to IPTA. but u know, the recipe for success is to continue working. and working in this context means never give up. thats the rules. keep yrself in the track. u'll earn something later. finding a partime job while waiting for the result is never an error. yes, YOU ARE STRONG. more than me. i maybe good in this CGPA or whatever. but trust me, it takes me alot to achieve. but i never put anyone else for granted. as i know, they somehow are my backbones. remember? u first taught me about this backbone thingy. honestly, i know u would make it at the first call intake. cause i know u did good for yr spm. harap harap adk dpt msuk UiTM Sri Iskandar. nnt bole dating tiap mlm. :) *giggle. i'm looking forward so please if u happen to get into any IPTA, please make sure i'm one of the person u'll inform to. cause i NEED to be on your top list, though. after all, though i'm bigger in age, i'm still like a lil sis of yours. that said you, right? hahaha i need u to pamper me like the old times. cause in any ways, u just made me feel better when i'm down. loveyou NUR SHAHIRA !

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