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salam, so yesterday me and aje supposed to have just the-two-of-us date but happened to share him with his another three friends. duhh *sigh but nahhh, its okay. i was dangggg like so quiet and silent. i just watched the four of them having their boys day out. what a lame right?

actually it wasn't that bad. i enjoyed some moments though. and the fact that aje cut his hair short, dayummmm made me laugh like all the way from the moment i saw him until like almost an hour. bhaha he looked JEMBU. seriously he was. and dia dh buang rntai dia. omg, swear it, i'm the happiest gf in the entire world. haha not to forget, their friend was cool. and LOUD. and that just it.

it wasn't so called boys day out earlier, for real. cause me and aje first had lunch together before we caught the 'hantu kak limah balik rumah' correction, not balik kampung okay. it was fun and hilarious. tell ya, no joke. and just then, we headed to join his two friends who name jepun and syafiq. and when we just our half way to pavi, eg phoned aje. asked aje to tagged him along before we got back to maybank to fetch him. so we went to KFC and there was when i just stay quiet while they're having their gossip boys. duhh *lame i admit it that i had trouble to adjust with them. u know, when u found yrself snoobish. to adjust yourself with the opposite sex especially to people u barely know. plus, guys' rule-friends first... *danggggg mhm can't tell ya how awkward i was. the only enjoyable moments yesterday was the movie, his new hairdo, and he didn't wear any necklace. the rest, i found it a lil frustrated.

i was like sulking last night. he noticed that and asked me why. but i just kept it. he'll find thousand answers that just don't satisfy me, somehow.

and quite pissed off, aje'll has ot next saturday. so obviously, i won't meet him next week and the week after next week. and i'll leave kl to perak. BYE.

quote today:

"girls think you are my number 1. guys think you are the important for me..'

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