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artwork for AYAHANDA

salam, hey peeps. so remember my previous post? told u that i'll make something special for abah? hee so i did it with my niece. Nur Intan Hazwani. hehehe *at this moment, she said "wani je lah" awww

so this is her.

ngeh ngeh ngeh, this is the artwork. *at behind, got signatures from mama, me, hazwani && shumie.

so its actually for hanging.

i had used the cupboard as for the frame. a pink ribbon as the border before i had glued on a small piece of green paper behind it. and blue paper as background. but to make it hard, i put 2 white papers at the back. and the flower thingy is red papers. colorful small rounded papers (look like polka dot). also the red heart-shapes. heee :) i cellophane taped it all around.

and fyi, the papers got from shumie. and the ribbon and details are from me. wani helped me while artwork-ing. mama spent her money for the picture. made by me and wani :p awww i loikee. also, i had sang 'happy birthday to you' last night with mie and wani.

not to forget, I LOVE YOU DADDY, au revoir. dadaaa

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