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"4 months old already. longer than when u were with me. what a lamentable condition... BUT i win by 1y and 2m older than yours. :) ! me and aje? it has been 1y, 6m, 2w and 5d since we bowed. ain't that easy. i've been in sorrow for some moments. nevertheless, my life has wonderfully shine with him. the former im talking abt my first love, and the later is my current true love. rajahafizrajarosli"

it has been so long since the last time i've posted about my true feeling. like friggin' real heart-to-heart expression. but now i've come to my sense where i think i have to let it out, beby.. lets do this then,yeah, copied from my facebook status. now let me give u some time to be unpaid judger (thing that i rarely allowed)

have u jumped to your f***ing conclusion? so let me guess. im not being mature? im childish? im not moving on? im not heading forward? i take steps back? is that what u've jumped into? why? because im comparing my current relationship with my 1st love relationship and my 1st love current relationship? HA-HA-HA-HA dont tell me guys, that u never be in my shoes. unless if yr current bf now is yr first love..

so to be really honest, i've been stalking my first love AND my 1st true love. they are, Muhd shahril bin noordin and Shafiq Izuan respectively. the former aka schah, aril. or long time ago, quechill. friends call us qutiquechill. and the later aka kurt, sumbex. and friends call us qtqkurt. its not like im stalking them every single time. i do when i accidentally saw their status or whtever. its like once, twice or maybe never in a month. but now, im not going to write about both. im going to write about my first love only. idk, its a satisfaction feelings that i have now. comparing -.-' tettttt

about those conclusions that u've been up to, no im not being immature. im not taking steps back, im not reversing back. ofcourse im moving on. it has been 4 years, ages right? we declared as a couple in 2006. June 13th, 2006. and broke up 3 months later. i know it is just short period. but trust me, he was the one who 1st taught me what LOVE really is. everything was good between me him actually. he was the one who always approached me. unlike aje....... -.-' that time when me and sharil, he had always called either mama or abah. as i've just lost my phone. for 2 and a half months we have been that way. it was hard for me to in touch with him right? such a moments back then. be he keep his patient. he always asked me out. but i never make it. u know, at that time its hard for me to go out. but there were times when we had our precious moments back then. omg, i can't flash it back. or else i'll drown in memories between me and him. too sweet, though :) loads of sweet times together. yes, everything was so sweet between us. but there came a real knockout moments. when he started to care less about me. it wasn't his fault though. he had to study for his SPM but unfortunately i didn't make myself clear about it. i started to have dirty thought about him. then, i asked him to temporarily break. and he was a real in stressed out. plus, with his SPM thingy. the uncool part is when, he asked for break at MS ! like wadddaaaaa**** right? but yr in no position to blame him, somehow. haha did i mention i don't use phone?? im leaving u with yr quizzical look now. haha

after my 1st love, then there were few guys in my life. includes kurt, amy, syawal1, syawal2, syafiq, sofy and the reast who i can't remember.

so, end of dreaming yesterdays. lets living todays :) i never regret that we both break up, back at the first place. it was good. i took almost a year for recovery. haha what shame to think about those moments when i really think world is turning upside down. haha so yeah, engaging in long time period relationship was never be my thing. until i meet my booyah aje

adapting and adjusting my life times to times. finally i know where my path is heading to. what so wrong to have improper educated bf, after all? even so, most of billionaires around the world didn't come with well educated background, ain't it? as long as u have the vision. i dont find it makes sense to say 'CARI BF DEKAT U, BIA SAMA TARAF' whats that for? if they are responsible-less and effort less person? why does it makes sense if they are just troublesome. if they really are that good then, they are ladiesman or maybe too good for me. which i think we don't compliment each other. with aje, i can freely fart, nose-picking, burp out loud. i can have my face with taek hidung, taek mata, comot2 ada mknn. muka tengah buruk, tudung senget bengot. wt muka hidung pig, hidung kembang kempis, mekap2 dpan dia. it has nothing like awkward feeling. i look beautiful in my worst appearance in front of him. and so do the other way around. i don't need to cover or put a mask on me. i don't need to pretend to be a good ladylike. im free to do anything that i possibly couldn't with so-call-well-mannered-guy. as long as he appreciates me as for who i am.

this is mine (captured by him) *ignore my fierce look. seriously my face didn't express my personality. i've serious look face. contrastively, im happy go lucky in personality.

this is his (captured by me) *lubang hidung dia besar gila. dia ckp ank ktorang nnt nk mancung mcm dia, lubang mcm saya :)

see? we don't need to fake ourselves. we are free to b us. to who else we can be our own selves if not to our soul mate?

suppose to say, grown up people will not do things immaturely. tell u what, me and aje is now fighting :). he offed his phone. haha i missed him though. i really do. he's working now. he works 12 hours these days. he is earning money for our future. thats what he said. pity him.

thats all for now honey, end speaking about 1st love. dadaa

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