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salam, good morning beby. i woke up quite early this morn, 7:++ a.m. i dnt knw wht else to do, so i switch my laptop on. and game-ing. later, i found it bore. and hell yeah, fb also boring. so here i am, end up blogging. act, it wasn't my intention to write to u.. i just do some blogwalking, then i found it boring also. *giggle i know im such a boring person. thats why i feel bore like all the time.

oh tell u what honey? last time i thought i have so many things/ideas to write. but im completely blank now. i don't know what to blog. so, since im already writing to u, darling.. this thing has just popped out of my mine. yeah, i just finish reading this 'twenties girl' written by Sophie Kinsella. mama bought for me the other day. heee cost RM35.90. it was interesting to read it. i even feel like addicted to it. so i manage to read the whole pages only a day and a half. its a story about a girl who can interact with her late grate grand mother. but in the young version. haha so, they end up to be bff. quite amazing huh? so there they go, its kinda like more to guardian angel :p awww i hope i had one. i mean, no i don't want one. u know, though it was only a guardian angel, still a ghost. am i right? what-so-ever ! like as if i am going to have one.. hahha

hey beby, last time i had myself stuck with dilemma. yeah, so with a few friends' advices, i've come to one decision. and already did it. but im not going to write u what is it about. let me keep it secret. *grrr oh no, act i wanted to tell u. i wanted to express is it to u. but no, i can't honey. its to dangerous here. i hope we can talk like real alive person do. hee *sulk

haihh *sigh seriously, i don't know what to write now beby. love you beby, i'll write to u as soon as possible. au revior. dadaaa

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