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salam bloggay, so as requested by fatinah sayangg, i'll write about my Eid. as early as 7 am something, i had woke up since before that, i heard my mama asked me for help. so i woke up. and u know, like always she had already done all as always. feel bad about it. but im just too sleepy back then.

as the day before, i woke up at 6 am to help my brother. (tolong meniaga kt pasar tani. mlm sebelum tu tolong dia niaga kt pasar mlm) so u know how tired i am. (am i spoil?)

so that Eid morning mama, abh and zira had went to surau to perform solat sunat raya. and im at home preparing all the stuffs alone. except, kaklinda made the air panas -.-' phfttt

so then, blablabla. 3 of them got back. and later, my 1st sis arrived home. and we celebrate together the whole family, except my 2nd sister. she was a bit late.

later at 2 pm something, aje came. but before that, we had went to jusco w.maju with kaknita(my 1st sis), her 2 kids and zira(my 3rd sis) oh well aje ride motor but then he left it at Kl Sentral and went to my house by LRT. *he's dayummmm lazy to ride motor. so after that kaknita drove all of us back to my house.

so finally, aje dream came true. yeah, he's been dying to meet all my family members. to get to know all of them closer. he used to come to my house at last Eidul Fitr. but he met mama only that time with my 3rd sis.

so in details, aje was freakingg shy. mama had to call him outside the house before he bravely entered my house. and he was like just texting me silently as he's sitting beside abah. god knows how serious abah looks that time.

im outta idea why abah had acted that way. u know, before i used to bring my guy friends to sleep over at my house. duhh i regret i bring him. the one who i hate the most. yeah, tow people. aka my classmate. i brought 2 couples. mira and her bf and 2 creatures who i hate at the moment. i've posted about that girl and that guy at earlier post. but i don't have problem with mira and her bf. im okay with him. okay back to stories. that time, abah acted fine. he joked and so friendly with them. but its totally different with aje. i wonder why?? maybe abah wanted to test aje since i introduced him to my family as a BF/pakwe.

so then, i asked mama to go w.walk with aje. so then mama asked abah. and abah gave permission for us to go there. so yeahh, me and aje later went to w.walk. meet fara (my lesbie) and i was like ignored aje as i met fa. haha -.-' how can u expect me to treat aje when i meet my lesbie?? my apology booyah. but aje was okay with that since he already used to that situation. so nothing much happened during that day. me and aje didn't know what to do there. we planned for a movie. but seems like the 'now showing' movie didn't catch our's interest. haha and i thought of karoeke-ing also. but aje said, he's not in the mood to sing. yeahhh =.=' (i'm always interested with karoeke-ing) thats the only thing that make girls' out day turn happy moment. yeahh, always do that with my girlfies.

so yeah, we decided to go to carrefour. we ate, and left as early as 6 something. (dia tk suka sgt dating blek lmbt2) so there we go. and i arrived home 7-8 in between before i sent him to LRT w.mju station.

so yahh beby, nothing much happened back then. thats why i don't have any intention to blog about my Eid. cause i know its nothing but boring. the only excitement for me is that about aje visited my house. haha and beby, i don't have any picture to upload since i didn't snap any pictures. but for sure, i wore my kurung modern. i wore that also to go to jusco. but i've change to jeans later to go to w.walk. heee :)

end here beby, i want to blog about another things right now. wait me, au revoir

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