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first of all, let me get your attention on my outing day yesterday for a while out of the subject header titled above.

so yesterday me and aje had been on a date and went for a cinema. oh puhleassseee, don't get jealous :) haha okay, here is the major thing. that i've spent twice in the cinema. let me bring u deeper now. actually, i watched both 'nangkung' and 'rapunzel'. ouchhh, u sure don't have such conclusion that i watched them both with aje, please. haha yeah, the former movie i had watched with aje, of course. and the later, with my 2 elder sisters, nieces and BIL.

let say, yesterday was a blast compared to today. phftttt -.-' no joke. i had fun as for both movies. yes, but tell u what?? so today i did watch this 'the social network' and now i'm still thinking of what the heck is the movie about??? meigaddd, my partner who accompany me, slept while me acting watching interestingly and the neggie who sat beside me left the cinema earlier. and i have to say that i feel ashamed as before that i'm the one who's dying to watch that movie (and remember my last post said that i'm crying?). and the fact that my partner had looked at me quizzically on the face as we exit that cinema. but yeah, to keep my reputation, i go with this line. 'eh, best lah. siapa suro tido. sbbtu lah tk pham' okay to tell u the truth, i'm actually happened to watch it with half closed lids. errr sometimes. bhahahaha

meigadd, i hope my companion just now won't read this post ever ! as for nangkung and rapunzel, i should say must be in your top-list-movies-to-watch apart from Harry Potter of course.

it sounds weird why i keep my companion secret, but i have to. i'll just fussing me if i don't. today also, i bought my kotex maxi wing and clean & clear toner and 'enough' novel sold at KL Sentral with just 10 bucks. .

and back to the title above. unlike my NORMAL previous PMS moods (u know, those anger, temper moods that i usually had during my PMS), today i left my eyes wet like every time i think of aje. i get touched easily over small matters. grrr this is so opposite right? mhm by any chance, i know recently i paragraphed u less related to what i've titled. i keep out of topics over the time instead. idk, maybe i'm a bit drowned with blah blah blah.

and this is like another lame posting same as previous posts i had. but trust me, i did try to upload pictures of me and aje yesterday. but it takes me about half an hour. who can stand more?? yeah, my BB speed has been reduced. till i pay the next bill, okay. would that be fine to wait till then? thankyou for being understanding :)

i can't go any further as im having my period cramp. i mean, senggugut. so i leave u here. au revoir

okay this is like an update for this entry. so yah, i thought it really bores if i let my entry left with no such images. *plus with my lame boring dis-colorful texts posting style. blame me not. i'm also wonder why it ain't work. urghhh so here are the pictures of me and aje last saturday. err i mean the YESTERDAY.

*siapa yang paling kuat? and trust me, thats real. go find out yrself at KLCC.

*muka macam ikan buntal je. oh btw, kt pondok sebelah tu ada indon's coup bercerekarama. me and him dduk kt sit je. even basah. but aje wiped it with his jeans. haha andd hand. and wiped his hand on me then. phewwww -.-'

okay i know we look sweet. *so, i'm being over. bhahaha

haihh, 3 words; I LOVE YOU. *plus another 16; so very very the much much more and most forever eternally and blah blah blah (indescribable)

*those pictures are original.

as for the evening cinema's watching with siblings, in-law and nieces, we don't snap any pictures. i'm sory :) but did i tell u we went to TGV w.walk? oh me and aje back early right after the 'ngangkung' ended. like 7 something. and me and the rest headed to w.walk at 9 something.

again, au revoir plus this extra farewell :)

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