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salam, yes i'm crazy. at this early morning, i still didn't shut my eyes off yet. currently blogwalking and do some editing, u know if u notice me. arggghh now i feel lazy to type. as i can't work with my all fingers. (jari manis pain) so i can't do my typing properly. i'm using all left fingers but i ain't as for the right fingers. u know, how i hate ketuk2 keyboard as if i never entered keyboarding class in UiTM. *opps i ran out of topic too far.

okay actually, i've come to a moment when i'm kinda of blur to decide how i'm gonna edit my header. phfttt -.-' how i hate it when it comes to creativity. u know, i never become an experts in painting. *is that acceptable for an excuse? i've holding on my eyelids up to this 3.20 a.m. in the morning. but still, i can't find the image which best suits to my background. oh god, how i wish i can erase my mind off so i won't be thinking about this bloggay thingy. oh actually i happened to make up my mind for editing just now when i do blogwalking. grrrr, this is why i hate u !

and anddd another thing that irritates me, is that i can't change my font color for entry posting. and frankly, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why the heck its happening.

in addition (do i sound like essay-ing? *urgghhh whatever), font color is one thing, and i have another major thingy which driving me insane lately. my lovely GREENY LAPPY is not feeling well and it needs to be repaired. oh now u can GOTCHA me ! *phfttt oh my beby greeny lappy, why can't u take a good care of yrself, huh? now u know yr burdening me right? sob sob *see i'm crying beby ! can't u just please me as yr best companion ever? huh? huh? oh beby somehow, even whatever happen between us, trust me. i'd never ever defecting from u. how can u be so dumby morony ever thinking i would throw u aside? LOL, enough is enough qtq. don't get overwhelmed. plus, even so, the sky hasn't fallen on u right? oh yah, now i've come to my sense.

cut the crap off ! my apology bloggay for being less rational due to emotional effect. OMG, now i feel like "do the dew" *LMFAO i know i still didn't stop crappy-ing yet. haihhhh *sigh maybe i'm just too tired thinking just now. again, my apology.

okay darling, now i want u to know AGAIN, that i love green :) heee i repeat, GREEN GREEN GREEN. and btw, if u happen to give me a birthday present someday, please be sure that its green. deal? haha mhm maybe we should stop now. andd, sory if i'm too late, but please be advised not to read this entry. hahaha as it is just another stupid random of my own bloggay posting. HAHAHA don't say its too late. who told u not to read the last paragraph at first? don't u read the last page when it comes to novel? *cross finger
au revoir

*oh btw beby fatin i still didn't record a vid about u as u requested. will do, sory :) mwahx for u.

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