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salam, actually this post is like my sincere apology to those who i've been taken for granted. i'll just write it vaguely as i don't want to trouble me later. i know, some of u did the same right? i mean, those who being trapped with full of jealousy partner. nahh, i can't blame him. as me myself also being queen control him. and even so, i admit that i'm not always being truthful like all the time. sometimes, i do go out with guys and scandaling behind him. of course i do it w/out his knowing. or i'll be screwing myself. but now, i'm completely done with that. i'm so clean right now. after the incident last time when aje broke my sim because one of the GUY called me when i'm with aje.

and here are the person i've been wanting apologized to;
  • F
  • Faiz
  • din
  • dll bila saya gawat, baru saya cari dorang.

  • I'M SO SORRY. but conditions left me with no options. i'm so sorry. and also to RajaHafiz. i love you, but sometimes i'm trapped between pain and u. i'm just torn.. and i hope u won't read this. i love you, trust me. i never feel this way with my former bfs. this feelings get even stronger and deeper. i know, yr the one who always being truth. i realize u never cheated on me. everyone knows that. and i feel ashamed towards ibu. because she knows about me not being truth. grrr idk what's going to happen in future. but whatever it is, IM SORRY again.

    au revoir

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