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salam, yeah beby how relieved i felt yesterday. i had finished my exam and thus, its the beginning of my semester breakk hollayyyy :) OMG, do u feel the same way honeyy? omg, how i wish i can see him right now. let me express my feeling out LOUD !


do u hear me KL? yes, i'll come to u, to Setapak to be exact. oh now, im thinking what i'm going to to for these almost 2 months holy? as planned, maybe i'll go for a job. right now, Economically, i'm facing frictional unemployment right now. hahaha eceh eceh, did i mention u my last paper was Economic?

ha, talk about it, tell u what? i've answered all quest for structure C. 4 out of 4. i was like dayummm what are they talking about when i heard one of them saying 'aku pilih soalan no 1 dgn 2' 'aku pilih 2 dgn 3'. WADDAAAAAAHECKKK mannnn? of course my OMG-poked-face pasted out. i'm supposed to answer 2 quest for structure C. hha this is what we say again, CARELESS. yeah to extend, i my answer booklet was full written with answers all the way for 13 pages out of 16. haha never done this before.

what do u think my fingers and hand felt back then, huh? they suffer a lottt plus with an additional super COLD air-con, i was like shivering. the tiresome super cold of an air-con makes me totally iced ! nahhh, u talk about writing?i'm the one who have least interest on it. yeahh, i prefer typing instead. thats why i write to u, not to diaries. i never had one to be truth.

so last time, before we had arrived at my bro's place, we went to the night market somewhere at Stiawan, i guess. i was like, oh yeahh, im the GADIS MELAYU with kurung. so everyone was like looking at me. meigadddd, then there is one chinese guy asked me my name. hahahaha yeah, up to this second, there are 3 people said i have chinese look back then. idk whick the heck on my face figure that looks chinese-ly? i reckon them as a blind. haha wadddaaaaaa...... -.-' don't u notice my skin color? its obvious enough, okay.. but frankly, deep down here inside, i was likeee omggg, i am??? *giggle oh ALHAMDULILLAH. now u know when i've start bitchy-ing. haha

so i slept late last night. thought of to finish watching hana yori hehe this is boys over flower japan version. nahh, actually boys over flower adapted hana yori for new korea version. they are relatively alike but not in total the same. oh hana yori's hero is more handsome compared to boys over flower korea. reminds me of my first love MUCH -,-' i can't let my eyes slide away from DAMYOUJI. grrr the original hana yori dango aka boys over flower and boys over flower korea are both lovely. they are slightly different but alike. grrr but i love damyouji more than gu junpyo :) aww

i've watched boys over flower last year. but i re-watched it recently. hha :) okay beby, lets end here. update u soon. dadaaa

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