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salam, yeah im so early. ain't it? i woke up at 6 to study this Office Software Application (OMT255). so yeah, memorizing the terms. my exam is at this sunday. i'll be getting ready to make sure i score and hence, get myself into the dean list AGAIN ! aww so last night, me and maria had went to the OM's faculty to see the carry mark. so yah, the result was Alhamdulillah. here are the results;

1. Organizing Eventt=93/100
2. Office Stimulation=60.15/80
3. Public Speaking=39.10/50

as for OE, im pretty sure i'll get an A. but quite unsatisfied with his result. yeah, we've had complaint to En about the conflict but why does his result is as same as the rest? i hate it. yeah, my marks for it, is the highest among others. feel so relieved back then.

and for Office Stimulation (i call it typing, hha) this subject has to do with real work situation. where we have this cosmetic company. idk, its a big company though. so I'm the assistant for my manager. and we have several tasks to do within time. and we have to determine ourselves whether it is RUSH, ASAP or ROUTINE tasks. so we've to complete the tasks given by our manager. and follow the instruction given. for the last tasks, that the mark is remaining secret (since we don't have final neither do test) is the hardest than the rest. it was likely the final exam maybe. and we have to finished it within office hour. yeah, stuck in the room actually for 8 hours u know. but then, i manage to finish it earlier. like 4 hours early. so of course i got back early. hahhaa but i don't know will i get an A for this subject? i hope i will. A minus would be fine. but hopefully, of course i hope for A plus. duhhh *sigh and still, to complain her mark. yeah, he and she is the people who i hate the most right now. can't stand to see them both. *giggle she used to be my friend, though. nahh, never be my bff. *finger crossed

so the last one is public speaking. if not mistaken, I'm the 2nd higher. well, this one im quite surprised. hha maybe the tests helped me in marks. since my presentation was not successfully well presented. i don't know. its hard and tough. though i've been with the same people for 4 semesters, still i got nervous. hha its not like other presentations. this one, is the toughest one. Pn Dayang expect high on us. #$%^&*$@ ! presenting in front of En.addin and PM Ghani for OS and BEL respectively(pm is prof madya), don't require much effort as we can LOL and spontaneously present our presentation verbally and non-verbally just like that. yeah, gesture is what i found tough in public speaking. *siot je

actually, we(me and maria) happened to be a lil frustrating as our actual intention is to see our OS carry mark. En.addin said on the afternoon before, he'll reveal it at 4 o'clock. but then, as we arrived our faculty, all we can see are only pieces of paper showing others semester carry marks. we don't see our %^*#$ carry mark there. *jahat taw en. ni ! dh lah tk rep msg bila org tnye psal gantt chart.

to extent, i also didn't know my carry mark for BEL and ECO's carry marks. they are at other building and to take steps my both foots there.. maybe take a lil time. haha lazybones me. of course i am. here is freaking dead hot, u know beby ! *bru nk berperasaan mat salleh celup ni !

so, my both papers will be at DSI. not the same DSI beby. OS is at the old DSI. ECO is at the new DSI. taking my step to DSI, is another thing. duhh *sigh double DSI??? dayummmmm freaking cold there. i will be die freezing w/out sweater-ing myself. wish me luck okay, beby? please please... * singing I'm begging u for MERCY, yeah yeah

now i've gone crazy. hha due to stuck memory with OS-ing. cut if off qutiq ! -.-' thats all i think for now. i'll update u more soon. and again, pray for me yah? au revoir *imissyoubooyahb-boobububoboydamnbad ! <3 iloveyoumummymamasomuchandmoreeee <3

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