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salam, i just want to post u about my brand new facebook looks. don't tell me that i'm left behind like too far. or i'm not being current, out dated and so forth.

so yesterday, i've downloaded some softwares. that enables me to add layout and those moving smiley on my facebook. so yeah, i knew about these since long before. like 2 months earlier. but i just don't get interested to them. and just how then yesterday i realized that it would be amazing though.

actually, the main reason wasn't because i don't get interested. it was because i don't know how to do so. credits to aza (roomy) as she told me about the layout thingy. but yeah, i just took a sneak peek on it. and just ignoring it a couple months before.

so take a look here how colorful my whole brand new fb looks. i just found it boring-less, somehow.

nahh, i've been expecting u to say that. of course i chose green. ITS MY COLOR ! lmao !

don't u think its gorgy? i repeat u again, don't say i'm out dated. i know it myself. phfttt well at least, i do upgrade at last, right? maybe before i'm busy. perhaps it just that i'm in my holy sems break, so that i got the chance to do fb walking and researches.

oh yeah, M had friend requested me so i've approved her. u know, we had texting each other the night, before the day i went out with aje. i mean, on the friday night. he left me a msg at first and we do some talk. and i admit it, that i drop my tears. i still love her, though. but yeah, nothing more is going on between me and her. thats just it. i'll just wait her to fix things. yes, i'll wait for her to make the next step. i hope she's changing for good. we'll see. :)

okay now i want to express my anger. i know aje's routine. as i mentioned earlier, he doing OT these meanwhile. but unusually, this evening he didn't message me while he's on short break. i'm pissed-off. later when he reach me, i'm going to shout at him ! ;( now i got my red face ! grrrr
i meant downward lips smiley !! not this upward lips smiley !

*sigh au revoir

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