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salam, hello beby boo :p long time no see yah? haha *stop it aha, so this time post, i'm about to share with u beby all about things that lately have made me feel moron. nahh, yes i am.

first, i cant eat prawn. or to be exact, i'm allergic to SEAFOOD. and worse still, i actually loved prawn shrimp or whatever it is. yeah, but i happened to avoid seafood or else, i'll get pimples all over me. yeah, there was this day when in sudden something that is so big dayumm freaking large popped out, under my left eye. i can't even open my left eye. so decided to went for check-up at nearby clinic. oh, just then, the doc said i'm allergic to seafood as the night before i ate nasi goreng UDANG. like WATHA***k, right?

second is that yesterday i've just re-installed my microsoft office in my LAPPY. yeah, such a stupid retarded ! *goes to the Bangladesh. ha, he had told me that the windows is genuine one, and so do the microsoft office. duhh wth ! *rasa mcm nk tembak je muka bangla tu laju2 perlahan2 sbb tipu aku !

third is because of this new simcard of mine. yeah, Hotlink deducted 2bucks from my acc as for the Caller Ringtone which i never purchase ! gahhh, *dh lah bkn youth club, mhal ! pastu kna tolak pulak ! like ^%&^&*#$%(*())(^%$$#@$%$^^&&*&^ !

fourth, the fucking hell fact that i have to study, memorizing and revising for tomorrow exam :( everyone's last thing to do. haha am i right? don't tell me not. because i know yr just as same lazy as i am. hahahahaha

oh for Office Software Application, i got 61.5/70%. yahoooo, dh confirm dpt B :p awww

au revoir, dadaaa

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