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salam, so today i woke up at 7:45 a.m. thought i was running out of time. but tell u what? im too early. when i first stepped on the om's walkside, i texted ika. asked where the heck is she? she replied, 'kul 9 lah, aku kt blik lg. lab 9' *sigh now who's on earth told me the Stimulation class start at 8? dush dush *flying kick (did i mention u, i got the highest point at Kesatria for kicking (taekwondo?)) hahaha

so now i'm at ika's room. ika's getting ready. mhm my public speaking's test is another 2 days. (isnin) hish, bengang, kalau tk dh bole blek kn kn? so, i'll go back to kl quite late. don't know when. my group didn't submit the 'video mandarin' yet. hha sure u will laugh to see us act. to be an actress will/were never crossed in my head. a singer? perhaps. hahaha but i don't want, and won't. haha i used to perform when i was in my junior high sch. i got the 1st and 2nd place. so funny, huh?

sudah semestinya saya bukan expert begini

can't wait till i go back to my house :p hee so the plan goes like this, i'll meet aje(of course), fara, momo, lily, aida(maybe) and anddd... anyone who wants to go out with me. (hha ada ke?) and mkn(nk gemuk), tdo dan beriadah(yang ni serious poyo) -.-'

last but never be least, please pray for me. yeahh, i badly want to get another dean list this semester. i hope i'll. mhm, thats all for now, au revoir beby.

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