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salam, well i dont usually use the term 'mood swing' hha but obviously, what i feel now really describe what is going on to me now. yeahh, im having my menstrual cycle. hahaha PMS to be exact. and of course aje is the victim and a few family members perhaps.. =.= *giggle this is the only thing i couldn't manage. yeah, uncontrollably i'll easily get mad and upset with stuffs or even craps. hahaha to extent, last night i fought with aje. haha :) guess what? simply because he late replied me. i got pissed off. i off my phone for like 2 hours. and dayumm i cant hold it long. freaking missed him, so i switched my phone on. hha had received few texts and misscalls notification from him. so yahh i phoned him back of course and was like dangggggg he off-ed his phone ! WADDDAAAA**** siot betul kau booyah ! so i tried to reach him through nana(his sis) so this girl, nana told me, he slept. and few mins later, he left me msg. straight away, i called him. boooo-oooo ! thumbs down for qtq, you lose ! hahaha blablabalabla so now, i have to redeem my points. running out of cash with less airtime left :( for sure i wont withdraw anymore cash yet. let him top-up my airtime *sigh tk puas hati sgt

i wonder if we'll get our allowance for this month? tk smpai sebulan pun ktorang punye semester tinggal, is it possible? hahaha last time, semua org like m'gila bila dgar rumors ckp ktorang punye 'duet mkn' kna tarik. hah, memang tnggu ktorang wt mogok lah kn UiTM. ouchh t'lebih suda. tk puas hati ni.

tell u what? pengarah kampus yang baru ni mcm tettttttt je sbb dia yg tarik perkhidmatan bus UiTM dkat kwsn sri iskandar. dia tukarkn dgn perkhidmatan bus apa ntah, andd even more worst is because, we have to pay. satu hala payment okay. which means 2 ringgit what it takes if stud nk pg bndar and tmn maju. kesian gila lah dgn non-resident stud yg maybe have to pay more than rm6 EVERY DAY ! i repeat, evvveeeerrrryyyyy daaaaaayyyyy okay ! lg lg tk puas hati sesangatttt.

oh now im starting missing our dolah :( yeah, professor abdullah for long. alahaiii rndu nye kt awak taw :( tk puas hati ni !

end, i ran out of topic. hha au revoir -.-' masih tk puas hati sangat !

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