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salam, today is saturday. yes, i mean another saturday.. first opened my eyes, yeah. felt heavier even more. (everyday i feel heavy) like there were rocks on the eyelids. the first creature appeared, was dayah. getting herself ready as she mentioned earlier, she had a test, entrepreneurship's. and so, i knew i'll be alone AGAIN.. being isolated. oh no ! don't think the other way round. somehow, i don't feel bad about it. being isolated means, i'm free alone. yes, no one's watching. and so, i watched movie just now, 'ps, i love you' i thought it was malay movie. cause i pasted it in malay's movie folder. nahhh, i supposed to paste it in my english's folder. but then, i kept skipping. u know, it was a bore back then. so, maria called me. said that she's boring. i told her to come at my place. as she came, we went to dining hall, buy lunch. while having lunch at my room, we watched 'kal ho na ho' yeah, hindustan :) and, in sudden the girl who i rented her my broadband came to give back my maxis. so here now, im writing to u late after i googled some informations for my assignments. oh no, did i mention about me and momo, me and aje texting? hha yes, i greeted both aje and momo morning. momo replied me first. since aje like any other average guys, wake up late. so mmo said, she didn't sleep yet. oh dia kelawar. and so, i gave her advices and we were like gossiping. nahh, nothing extra ordinary happen-ed to me today YET. *sigh i know this is like so boring to read this. i didn't force u to do so. hahahaha *gulp for the past hour, i still dont know what today will be alike? i'd spend some hours daydreaming about all the potential scenarios of being in KL today at saturday weekend :) nahhh, what i'm thinking now?! haihhh, i just miss-ed it. the so call happy-teens-day-out, and of course when u do spending it with so-goofy-bff way. mhm that just it. au revoir

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