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salam, this post is like 'berani mati' yes, the rumors are like spread out all over Sri Iskandar (eceh, mcm besar sgt je) okay okay, said qutiq; gila lah pak guard ni, memang tk bole pcaya duhh pak guard skrg. replied ika; memang gtal2, tkowt aku. ye ye.

okay, now u got what i mean? yeahh, now i feel insecure. yeah, at first, i thought it was safe here. so i don't mind walking alone on the walkside at 1.00 am (tkowt hantu je lah) yeah, as my classmates(ika, maria) are staying at another college, so when it comes to do assignment.
or maybe if i want to go to events organized under the studs, uitm or hep(saya pelajar aktif, mana ada event, di situ saya muncul) yeah, since one of the conditions to stay at college is to collect as much stickers as u could.

mhm, so what do u think. heard that, uitm gave that girl compensation, but that girl must stay silence. oh no, i don't want to judge here. u do it for me. mhm what about that girl's future and reputation. that girl quit already. i mean, she herself dismissing herself. mhm, factor of shamefulness has made that girl to quit herself from studying, perhaps? pity her?

i heard it happened at Melati's block, before the Eid eve break. haihhh, i hope it wont happen to me. so from now on, i need to be more careful and make sure that i dont stay alone. *sigh yeah, in the weekend i do left alone, but i still have the neighbors around, ain't it? my point is, i'll make sure im not all alone in this block (cemara).

this isn't really rumors, u know. i know this is true, but everyone especially the UiTM's people are denying it. nahhh, u know, actually, t,wo girls have been raped. mhm, there were case tangkap khalwat dkat bandar sidex also. nahhh, what the heck is happening. who the pak guard really are/is?

next is, hrtu pihak UiTM telah panggil orang darul syifak, bawak 4 bus, anta makhluk halus pg tempat laen. tp dgar cta, ada still makhluk halus yang tk mau ! duhh, tkut. skrg ni, bnyk gila garam halus dkat fakulti acc, fspu. hah, tkowt tk korang dgar? (yg ni aku tknk comment apapa)

okoy, au revoir, (I MISS MY BOOYAH) byee


erawr said...

i heard about those stories. spoooky. hoho

Qutiq Ishanee said...

yeah, luckily, 1 sems to go (exclude this sem) :)