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Salam and late morning(afternoon) everyone. so as u can see, i've changed the whole look of my blog. brand new whole look, ain't it? hell yeah, credit to amalyna who had told me earlier about yeah and the heading is one thing. haha im not as creative as those effing gorgeous bloggay, hence so, here is the result =.=' im proud, somehow personally. it took me like a day to think about my beby pelangi. nahh, is still under construction. furthermore, i wont be too BATAK to keep editing my blog. blogging for me, to express. and it doesn't mean to keep updating my blog with hot and cute stuff. plus, im growing up. whats on earth make u think i'll keep staying infront of my greeny lappy wasting time just to stay up to date with what happens here? i mean, of course i'd rather spend whole evening to write, but it takes rare for me to go edit and do craps to my blog.

oh end of bloggay things. so, im now in my study weeks break. fortunately, i'll go on leave longer than the rest(other program) as my papers start later and even, as u all know, i had only two papers to sit. the gap in between is dayumm freaking long. i had to wait for a week before i can go into the exam hall again. nahhh, such a waste. and of course, i'll be the late person who finish my semester compared to dayah and aza(roomates)

im doing nothing to fill my leaves. just online-ing and update-ing u beby. maybe go out with friends. and of course, meet my bubu *giggle oh gosh, miss FAFA my lesbie. but she's too busy with her works. yeah, shes working at Wangsa Walk(rip curl boutique).

oh cut it out. tell u what, momo phoned me just now. its been awhile u know, since the last we talked.

now i want to talk to u about my booyah, nahh, a brief one. this is one thing, we are getting even more lovely. hahaha *jump i couldn't express u how much i love him. these are our plan,


so yah, agreed wang hantaran is RM13,00.oo. but i would increase it to RM13,250.15 haha let just i keep it secret why i want it that way. he agreed, and so now he is in saving mode for 5 years a head *sigh i hope it will be real, not just another fantasy. so in the meantime, he will soon buy car. i told him not to buy filthy car. normal reasonable car would do, b boo. actually, if not because his sis's wedding last time, he owned a car already. but he had to helped his family. yah, family always comes first. and if possible, if any extra money left, he'll buy house for us :) another happy family tree is about to built soon.. (seronok seronok duaronok tigaronok smpai sepuluhronok !)

end of writing, write u soon -.- beby au revoir.

p/s;wish me luck for my final exam~

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