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salam everyone. so sory :( yeahhh, i didn't update my blog like all the time.. didn't treat my beby pelangi well to be exact.. sory beby, i'm so busy lately. plus with the event thingy. oh well, i'll write u in details about that event for sure later. duhh im not a good blog buddy. -.-' phftttt *sigh i just viewed someone's blog. nahhh, seem like she's troubling her life even more. the fact that she's not feeling secure with herself now. and her life shifted to miserable. yeahh she's having a bad time. sory for her. though im not really close with her neither i ever ran into her before. i don't know what is she struggling with. she seems to has split personality. but u know, im just another normal Allah's creature who tend to make conclusions at my first impression. yeah, its normal though. anyhow, i feel pity for her. sometimes she lost. im unintentionally write about her, but somehow i thing im on her side. yeahhh, love seems contagious. i don't blame love for making us, girls go blind. but neither do i blame me as a girl who fell in love. love itself, is pure and infinity. oh no offence guy, but mostly i do blame guys. in certain part, i do admit girls also making it complicated. but please it ain't all girls' fault. how could you bear to put the blame on us when u know yr hurting us? okay, let put it simple as this way;

guys are taking girls for granted (MOST of them)
guys are care less about miniscule mattters. (DEFINATELY)
guys find its hard to read girls' mind or body language (FACT)

those are things i figured out for this time. to accept the fact that good men are decreasing. very sad to think about it, but this is true for all women who experience/are experiencing heart broken. not mentioning that guys are all useless. but this is the fact. yeahhh, not all of them. i know, there are girls who as same as guys. but this is what i know most. to make an endlessly happy love story is not possible. so very imposible. *sigh im not trying to be biased since im obviously a girl. me, myself at the first place has been cheated with my exes before. and yes, i do reward myself for being gentle. this is the result from what i've faced before. i know, i've so many times not being faithful at my previous relationship. but it wasn't like i cheated all the time. the only reason why i done that was because it was my exes who created problem first. yes, im not telling u that i was all the time right, but MOST of the time. let's conclude it this way, me as an ordinary. i walk my path from bottom to top. in the middle, i fight to win the top. sometimes i fall, the other time i stand. sometimes i have to crawl, but the other time i have to climb. things always don't get right as usual. yeah, long way to go. either u climb, walk or crawl, u have to win your own battlefield. there will be just two; win or lose. i decided to win, but in the middle i always got fed up and despaired. the other day, when i deep thought, i know i can win. determination is all what it takes. u know yourself, just believe with your heart's voice...

oh btw, im in class actually. to tell u more beby, i have this one assignment. that is to create my own website. i got all the HTML codes with me already. im sure to create mine beautifully, nicely. gtg, love ya beby. will update u more soon. au revoir :)

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