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salam, its 8:45 a.m. sharp here :) i can't sleep miss him
so yesterday, i went to dr. fazley's talk. PROFESSIONAL TALK. oh didn't i mention u? that i've been chosen to go to UiTM melaka. nahhh, but i didn't make it. 1st is because financial problem. 2nd is because i wanted to go to this talk. omg, when his first stepped in the DSI (dewan sri iskandar) everyone was like standing and whispering. yeahhh, he has the look. i don't deny it. he had gave me a positive 1st impression. with his good looking face, and the way he talked, almost everything is HERO not zero. and yeah, his history backgrounds are quite sad. like he said, he used to be the cleaner, waiter, cashier, chef. haha and so forth. he's not that too handsome in my opinion. but the way he carried himself was so very impressive. i was like omg, 'kalau lah dia jd bf aku :) awww hee gedix aku.

oh, thats all i think for now. hee TTYN

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