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salam, remeber i told u at my earlier post that i'll write u about the event? yeah, so it was awesome. most of the lecturers are like satisfied with the event that organized by us. they are like praising our delicious foods :) and, the event goes smooth. nothing huge happened. me as a bureau of protocol leader have done all the jobs require. duhhh it was tiring though, but i feel relieved. like duhhhh -.-' heee the event was organized at Dewan Cempaka Sari at 4:30 pm till 8 something. and there were more than 200 people with overall budget more than RM9000 near to RM10000. at that day, we wore green. thats our theme color :) haha of course, im kinda excited with green, my favorite color, awwww. haha okay, here are some photos ;

for more photos, don't hesitate to view at my myspace :) okay actually, we were fighting among members. mhm it was when our Project Manager was like MENGAMUK then he was like put all works on girls. siott je kn? memang jahat gila and tk mengenang budi ! huh oke lah, mls aku nk bising sini sorang2. yang penting, kitorang dh bg duet 6rat yang aku batak tu, goodie bags kau, file kau and semua brg2 kau yang kau ungkit tu okay ! au revoir

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