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Gotong Royong

salam, today i woke up at 10:27 am. after someone had knocked on the door. when i'm just about to open it, dayah pulled my hand. what crossed in my mind was, someone one to rent my broadband (yeah, i have a broadband rent service) but dayah said it was mayb someone from 5S (jawatankuasa kolej yang menguruskan hal yang bersih2 tu) then, i texted mar using dayah's phone since i ran out of credit. i asked her, will those 5s's come room to room for stickers? then she said yes, but at 12:00 something. so i woke up, wiped the windows, fan and so forth. and just now, the 5S's people came and gave us coupon.

just now, beby momo called me. she asked me to go online so we can chat since i had my credit ran out last night. :) oh, beby kaka sayang beby taw *mmwa mwa. yeah, i love her dayuuummm freaking much

okay, now suddenly i miss mama. duhhh :( i wanted to break fast with her and the rest. but i didn't have the chance to do so. mama told me not to go back since it just a waste. but i'll go back early for this Eid. 3rd Sept i guess. aini has already arrange the replacing classes for monday to tuesday classes. up till now, we already replaced class for Organizing Event, Mandarin II. Office Software Application is on the way. but for Public Speaking and BEL we didn't discuss with the lecturers yet. many days to go, so worry less.

later maria ask me to accompany her to Bandar U :( duhhhh of course i don't want actually. but..... yeah. org ajak smua aku kna pg. bila aku, smua sorang2 je -.-' phfttttt *sigh sba je lah. jahat lah semua kawan kawan ni ! :( apa lah nasib kn............. mhm okay, no mood. bye

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