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salam, this time entry, i wanna share with u my bestfriend here at campus. named, Che Nurul Syafiqqah binti Che Zakaria, duhh what a name? haha i mean, too long sayangg phftttt. oh oh, i call her sayang, and she call me beby. aww sweet :) i love her. compared to others, she's the one who i feel comfy to be with the most. :) we share hobbies, what are they?


much more actually. but let me summarize it for 3. maybe because we share similar behaviour i guess. except for the fact that she is free hair. hha *sigh nahh that wouldn't block us :) she always there for me. we break fast together (the two of us ONLY) and we'll sahur together next time. we didn't make it yesterday as she had headache ;( pity u sayangg. she knows me better to be exact. i love her freaking damn much :) ♥ oh this is her;

oh btw, the pict taken of me with uncover-ed hair was because at that time, we were at chepor, for waterfall :) no worries, no guys. heee iloveyou sayangg, end here. au-revoir

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mohd syafiq said...

besfriend for eva..
*dr genk uitm..