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salam, im here at my class. ap is presenting his slide to Prof M. Gani. im sitting next to syuk right now. and besides him, is paktam. oh btw, earlier i recorded his vid dancing Hawaiian. if you guys want to view it, i was tagged at my fb or maybe later, i'll upload it here. let me capture photos of me, syuk and paktam;

yeah, were boring at this time and paktam is actually doing his last touch-up at his slides. i asked him to change one of his board of director position to my name instead of miss mazuin. haha batak gila aku. well, i have nothing more to write out. about me and aje, it has been like about months we were fighting. nahhh, *sigh not telling u that everyday we fight quarrel and so forth. but like i said before, we are getting apart. he's no longer aje who i knew. mhm lately, i keep sighing. i started not to be faithful with this relationship. but frankly speaking, i never being cheating about my feeling for him. haihhh, thats all for now i think. au-revoir -.-'

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