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salam, today i want to express my sadness. yeah, im freaking sad to accept the fact that im getting far away from my old friends who i thought will be my lifetime friends. yeahhh they are all who used to be close with me. who i used to share stories with. who i used to lend shoulder on, who i used to cries with, who i used to laughs with, who i used to spent times with, who i used to share money with, who i used to talks with, who i used to phones with, the one who i used to see everyday but now have another life to move on with. with their new friends. and that they are all tend to slide me away from their life. i miss them so much :(
where all the promises we make have gone to? how could u forget all of them. how could u leave me here all alone. i need u friends.

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Anonymous said...

x pham arr..pesal kamu xnk jd cm dorng?? dorng msuk degree ek?