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salam, hello derr -.-' im at cc near to my campus. at Bandar U to be exact. im here from 11:30am. and now is like 1:02pm already. i thought, if im here early, i could book earlier ticket. but all sold out. and the earliest one is 3:20pm. imagine what can i do here alone? duhhh fucking bored here.

today aje went to hosp. duhhh kaki dia dh bengkak. and retak :( kna simen. nk taw knp kaki dia camtu? last sun, we had fought. and i asked him for breakup. even worst, he had prob with his colleague. mayb he was in tensed. dia sepak kaki dia kt besi. duhh ha now here comes another prob. bungox bungox plus bungox nye is because yesterday he went play takraw with his friends. ha apa lah dh taw kaki sket, pg maen takraw lg wtpe booyah ooiii ! -.-'

okay, for today i ate nasi minyak. grr siot gila, mahal nyee kt kafe tu. pdahal ktorang student. kalau bl kt foodcourt college aku, mura je. slalu tk lebih 3 rggt taw. ni, 4.50. sjuk je plak aku kn. :( hha story about financial ni, ada prob sket. tettttt ! *sigh each person in OM4A kna kwa kn 250 utk upcoming event. duhh mna pulak nk cekau duet. dh lah nk p penang ni. :( haihhh yeah, memang course for this sem is event organizing. its a core subject. tell u what? i adalah biro protokol :( duhh memang susa lah kn.. haihh ainol ainol. seb baek kau okay. kalau tk aku tembak kau. HAHA gurau derrr. tkpe lah, we'll try as hard as we could to make it succeed :)

okay lah yea, kt ruma nnt i cita pnjg my holiday chores taw :) mwahmwahx bebeyy daaa

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